Quit Smoking and Live a Healthy Life

Smoking has numerous side effects. It affects the smoker as well as the ones around him/her. A smoker inhales only 15% of the cigarette smoke while the rest is let out in the atmosphere and poses a serious danger to his family. More than 50% of the smokers die of a smoking related cause.

Smoking is recognized as the single most common preventable cause of death. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals out of which around 23 are recognized as carcinogens. Needless to say, cigarette smoke is very dangerous to the body.

Quit smoking

Cigarette smoke kills millions of people each year and still men continue to smoke. If you are really concerned about your health and of the ones around you, it is advisable to quit smoking. Once you stop smoking, the blood circulation in your body improves and your blood pressure returns to normal levels. You can …